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Our mission is to generate memorable, extreme excitement around promotional events by placing and/or branding exotic vehicles that edge on the wild side (ahem, Mr. Hyde).  We operate on an event-by-event basis.  Clients are invoiced based on the events’ duration, number of exotic cars required, and the extent of branding needed.

We also offer pre-event services such as digital marketing, website and content generation (as a Subscription or on a project basis), and post-event metrics and surveying.  A subscription is also offered during the ‘warm’ months in which a more permanent branding may be placed, generating exposure wherever our vehicles end up (usually Boston’s Seaport area or other heavily populated areas).

01. Digital Marketing

The DrJKYL team is well versed in website and content creation.  We will build a site around your promotion and offer marketing guidance.  Need a CRM linked to your event?  Our partner, CRMD, will lend a helping hand.

02. Brand Design

Most clients provide a logo design specification (placement, quantity and size).  If you’re in need of design services, our UI/UX engineers will lead you through the process at no charge.

03. Analytics

How impactful was your event?  Work with us to build out success metrics and a mechanism to track how well your event performed.  We can build customer-facing surveys and email blasts.

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